Beer Review: Lake of Bays Mocha Porter

January 7th, 2013 by in Beer Reviews

The second edition of the beer review is another Lake of Bays beer.  I have been given some and also bought some over the holidays.

I’ll give my forewarned warring that I am bias, and please go out and try this and many other beers as they all are good in their own special way… except for coors light, that really is just water in a brown bottle….

Another one of Lake of Bays seasonal brews, The Mocha Porter (which you can also find as Old North) is a dark coffee roasted beer.  When poured into a glass it comes out very dark, with a nice white head.

First impressions, after the beer was poured, the beer looked very nice and was calling out, drink me….  The smell test came back with a coffee/chocolate aroma, which is nice for a winter beer….

Taking the first swig of the beer proved that the coffee smell translated into the tast as well.  Also a hint of hops as well… overall impression on the taste of the beer was a very nice heavy beer.

I would consider this to be a great beer for drinking while having dinner or relaxing.. This is more of a sipping beer than a beer for after a ride.

Below is the ratings that I would give this beer.

Would I buy a case of this beer: No, I’d buy this beer one bottle at a time. 

Did it taste good: Yes

What was your initial thought when you drank the beer: It was a very smooth beer, and the bottle was too small.

Was the beer Hoppy: A hint of Hops, but not overpowering at all.

Score: 3.45 out of 5

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