Beer Review: King Brewery Dark Lager

May 30th, 2013 by in Beer Reviews

Yet again another edition of the team van go beer review.  As always, there is a disclaimer, that this review is completely bias, and my recommendation is to go out and try this or any other type of beer…. At the end of the day, beer makes everything better….

This weeks beer review (even though it hasn’t been weekly) is from King Brewery, a local brew out of Nobelton, and the beer tested was their Dark Lager.

I’ve had this beer a few times, and need to give them credit for sponsoring the Homage to Ice, put on by Substance Projects, so that does help their score for sure.  I’m one to take bribes for good reviews too, just going to throw that out there…..

After a good ride, whether the ride has snow or humidity, this beer was a great one to quench someones thirst… to be honest any beer is thirst quenching, but I’m only reviewing one beer at a time…

Never poured the beer into a glass, only straight out of the bottle, so the appearance was brown… the same brown colour as the bottle…

The first beer didn’t have much taste, as it went down too quickly… but the second beer tasted great… There was a slight chocolately flavour, some mild hops, nothing too overpowering though. The nice part of the beer was that it wasn’t too carbonated, or bubbly.

All in all this is a great beer for after the ride.  If you can’t find it at the beer store, make the short jaunt to Nobelton, and hit the brewery up.

Would I buy a case of this beer: Yes I would, and Yes I did.  I’ve bought several cases…

Did it taste good: Yes it did.  It tasted like happiness.

What was your initial thought when you drank the beer: mmmm beer.  

Was the beer Hoppy: There was a mild hop but nothing crazy. 

Score: 4.5 out of 5
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