Beer Review: Collective Arts Brewing – Rhyme and Reason

August 13th, 2014 by in Beer Reviews

Hello all,


This past weekend while strolling through the local LCBO, I stumbled across a beer that I had never seen before, which had some funky labels on it.  Naturally I was drawn towards this, as if it were something shiny in the distance, or a motorbike.  Never the less, I picked up a bottle of Collective Arts Brewings Rhyme and Reason.  At first I didn’t realize that this was a local beer as on the label it had referance the UK.  But on the back side of the bottle it shows Burlington and Bracebridge.




Some history on Collective Arts Brewing (found on their website ) they founded in September 2013 so they are still less than a year in operation.  Collective Arts is currently collaborating with Nickel Brook Brewery in building a new brewery in Hamilton, which is pretty cool.   Can never have too many breweries for sure.


Rhyme and Reason is an Extra Pale American Style Pale Ale, boasting an alcohol percentage of 5.7%, so not crazy potent like boneshaker, but you drink enough of this beer and you will be drunk.   Now to the review.


When you open the beer up, and surprisingly I did take a bit of a sniff, you notice right away a vast array of different hops smells.  At that point your taste buds start to tingly, your mouth starts to salavate at the thought of what is to come.  Which in turn is a swig of beer.  I do have to recommend that this beer be served cold, because if it was warm, it probably wouldn’t taste as good.


With the taste right away you get hit with the hops that you had just smelt.  You also got some bitterness to this beer, which caps off the mouthful.  With this beer there was a very slight hint of caramel during the taste cycle, but overall the beer had a very very good taste range.


Rating:  4.36 out of 5


Would you buy a case of this beer:  Yes I would, and yes I did.  It was a really really good beer.

Was the Beer Hoppy:  It was, not overpowering hoppy, I’d put it in the same range of Amsterdam Market beer.

What is the world record for the Long Jump:  8.95 meters set by some dude.

Would your recommend this beer to a friend:  I would I think, unless that person didn’t like beer…..




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