Beer Review: Baron Bohemian Tmavy Lezak

November 4th, 2013 by in Beer Reviews

Yes yes folks, it is time, once again, for the  (drum roll) Team Van Go Beer Review!!!  It’s been a little while since I tried a different beer, seem to be stuck drinking Hops and Bolts, or Moosehead or something that I still have in the fridge….

This time the review comes to you via, Derek… well via a beer from Derek, which in turn he was given by someone else… Regardless, this beer comes to us from the Czech, through British Columbia…. The beer is a Baron Bohemian Tmavy Lezak… yes that Baron Bohemian Tmavy Lezak beer that everyone has heard so much about…

My initial thought on the beer was “Thank you Derek, that was very nice!”  I brought it home and had it in the fridge for a few days before I was thirsty enough to drink it… When poured into a glass it has the appearance as shown in the picture below… For people that are blind, it has a nice brown appearance, similar to a nut brown ale… me describing this in writing on the internet probably doesn’t help the blind though…

The first taste started reminding me of a different beer, but to be honest I cannot put my finger on it… The beer was not hoppy but there was a distinct malt flavour.  The end of the day the beer tasted similar to a nut brown ale, just a little heavier.. 
The problem with this beer is that you cannot get it locally… This one you can only get out in British Columbia for some reason.
Beer Rating:  3.75 out of 5 (Nothing special, but still a very nice drink)
Would you buy a case of it: Probably not, reason being, I dont live in BC.  
If you lived in BC would you buy a case of it:  Still probably not.  It was good, but I would buy other cases of beer probably before this one. 
If this was the only beer available, would you buy a case of it: Yes
Was the beer hoppy: Nope… Malty but not hoppy…

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