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July 22nd, 2014 by in Beer Reviews



Like I mentioned earlier, it has been too long since there has been a ridiculous beer review, so if you did not notice by the title of the post, this is a Beer Review, for Barking Squirrel.   Hop City Brewing is located in the quaint village of Brampton… If you lived in a large city like Shanghai, or Tokyo, then Brampton could be considered quaint…. But I digress.


The beer in particular that is going to be looked at is Barking Squirrel Lager.  Some of you may have seen someone drinking this beer, or noticed the angry squirrel holding a hop on the can or glass.  I give them credit, it is a great advertising ploy, and the name is great…  But logos, and funny squirrels dont make a beer taste great, its what’s on the inside that matters.


Starting with the appearance, it is a squirrel holding hops…. pretty self explanatory….  If you get the chance to be someone from the high society, and enjoy beer out of a glass, you will notice an amber or copper appearance, but on the lighter side.  Also, after a pout there should be a little bit of head (foam, you sick buggers).


Now to the most important part, what meal would this beer go good with… I personally think that if you pair Barking Squirrel with either a good steak or Ribs, that would just be fantastic… If you are not a meat eater, than it probably would go good with green stuff too….


Taste is also a good thing with beer, cause let’s be honest, if the beer doesn’t taste good, then you will struggle to finish it, and the other 5 cans or bottles you bought, and never drink them again, or pawn them off to your friends…  Barking Squirrel doesn’t fall into this realm.  One note that I should bring up, is that the squirrel holding the hops isn’t a true representation of the beer.  Barking Squirrel isn’t that hoppy at all, and there is no squirrel in the can.  I found that the beer was almost on the lighter side, of the taste spectrum.  At the end of the day, Barking Squirrel would be a fantastic beer to drink post bike ride for sure.


Rating:  4.12 out of 5


Would you buy a case of this beer:  I would and have on numerous occasions.

Would you recommend this to a friend:  I would do this as well.

What does hops and marajuana have in common? They are both from the same family of flowering plants.  You learn something new every day!!!

Was the beer hoppy:  Nope, the IBU rating on Barking Squirrel is 24 (on the lower end of the scale)




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