Beer Review: Amsterdam Brewery

November 8th, 2013 by in Beer Reviews

Oh yes, another Beer review… Well this one was done a few months ago, just took me that long to snap some pictures, etc.

The below picture is what the youth of today call Beer Flights… well that’s what Amsterdam Brewhouse calls it.  When you are there they give you 4 samplers, which in total equals 1 pint. There are 4 different “Flights” hence 4 pints.  You think 4 pints is nothing, but surprisingly they hit you good.. it could be the higher alcohol percentages, or the quickness of the drinks, but either way you will notice it.

Please note, I am going to apologize for the incoherent writing on the paper.  We may have had a fair amount to drink prior to writing….

The ratings below go from Bad to Good….  If you click on the flight tour, hopefully you can zoom in enough to look at all the beers. There were some copies on different rows, which meant you just drank the beer twice.

All the Beer that you drink on the Flights
Dodin Belgium Style IPA
Oranje Weiss
416 Local Lager
Raspberry Wheat
Market Pale

At the end of the Day, doing the Beer Flights at Amsterdam Brewhouse was a great time, and recommend anyone to go down there.  With a large patio looking over the water, watching the planes come in and out of the island airport, you can make a day of it and have a lot of fun and drinks.  The Brewhouse is family friendly, and if memory serves me well, the food was really really good too!

Rating: 5 out of 5 For Beer Tours.
Beer Rating: See Above.
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