Beer Review: Amsterdam Big Wheel Amber Ale

January 14th, 2013 by in Beer Reviews

Back for another edition of the infamous Beer Review.

Like on every beer review, I’ll give my forewarning that I am bias, and please go out and try this and many other beers as they all are good in their own special way…

This review will be of Amsterdam Breweries Big Wheel Amber Ale.  As in the name of the beer it is an amber ale, so if you go to the beer store to buy a porter and pick a pack of this beer up you’ll be sadly disappointed…… 

First impressions, the beer has a picture of a bike on it!!! How can it go wrong!  If you pour the beer into a glass it has a nice brown/amber appearance, hence the name…. 

The first sip, which usually is more of a large swig, gives the drinker a nice malt taste.  There is a hint of hops not strong by any means, but a nice blend of the two.  There isn’t a strong carbonation so it leaves the beer very smooth.   

The smell, well it smells like beer… people say they can smell a hint of caramelized malts, but I must have a cold or something because I didn’t get that….

I would consider this to be a great post ride beer, for fall and spring rides.  A great beer to toast after a fun ride in the forest.

Below are the ratings that I would give this beer.

Would I buy a case of this beer: For sure, and I have bought many cases of this beer.  

Did it taste good: Yes

What was your initial thought when you drank the beer: The bike on the bottle increases the initial thoughts.  The beer was smooth, not an outstanding beer, but definitely above average.

Was the beer Hoppy: A slight hint of hop, but no overpowering at all.

Score: 3.95 out of 5

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