Beer Review: Amsterdam Autumn Hop

October 16th, 2014 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

“I don’t want to be treated like I came from another planet or something or was somehow born with some weird birthright or super power. I don’t view myself that way. I am a normal guy, picking up the crap from the dog and scraping the BBQ and having a beer and fixing the shed out back.” Chris Hadfield



It has been some time since there has been a beer review done, and I have made numerous trips to the LCBO lately, grabbing handfuls of different and random beer, and have come across a lot of great ones.  One of the better beers I’ve tried lately was from Amsterdam Brewery, their Autumn Hop Harvest Ale.


What makes the Autumn Hop something different and unique is the process in which Amsterdam adds the hops to the brewing process.  Instead of the hops being dried prior to being added to the beer, these hops are locally picked in our neck of the woods in Collingwood and put directly into the beer, giving it the name of Wet Hopped.  You can read more about the process on Amsterdams site.  (


Now for my personal interpretation of the beer, which is completely bias.  I didn’t pour the beer into a glass so the appearance is well bottle like. From reading on line the beer is golden colour, so I will have to try at one point and let you know, but for now if you are classy like myself you drink the 500ml right out of the bottle!


I do have a knack of smelling stuff before I try them, food drinks etc. so this did fall into the sniff test category.  You would think, all beers smell the same right.  Well kinda yeah, but they all have different scents and hues.  Autumn Hops has a Citrus kind of smell, like Oranges or something like that. At that point you can also smell the hops so you know what you are going to be in for once you take a drink.  And that segways us into the next review point… Taste!


Taste is a key factor for drinking beer.  It’s like visuals when watching a movie… When you bring the bottle to your lips and slowly tilt it back it hits you!!! BEER!!! The initial taste that I got was an almost Pine flavoring.  Not like Pinesol or something like that, but more of a fresh earthy or wood like taste.  Which I think came from the Wet hopped way the beer was made.  It is somewhat hard to explain, so you will just have to try it!  Also there is a good hit of hops when you drink it.  Hops in a good way!


Rating:  4.41 out of 5

Was the Beer Hoppy?  Yes very much so.  Like watching the sunset over the lake, or playing with a puppy.

Would you Recommend this Beer to a Friend?  I would for sure.  With a rating of 4.41 why wouldn’t I??

Would you Buy a Case of this beer?  If I could I would for sure!!!!


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