Barnstormer Brewery: Parachute Porter

November 4th, 2014 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer”  Stephen Beaumont


This past Sunday after the ride we made the short jaunt into Barrie to try out the new Microbrewery called Barnstormers Brewery.  This brewery is somewhat new and is located on the South East end of Barrie. The Actual brewery is also a Pizzeria, which to be honest with you, the food that we all ordered was really really good, and the prices were not bad at all!!  Definitely worth the trip to the brewery for some eats as well.  But I digress, this is all about the beer.


The beer that all three of us had was the Parachute Porter, which by its name is a Porter.  You may be asking yourself what is the difference between a Stout and a Porter.  The main difference is that a Stout uses roasted barley, whereas a Porter doesn’t.  If you drank a Stout against a Porter, you will notice that the Porter will have almost a more sweat taste in a comparison. That is not to say Porters are a sweet beer, but just in a back to back against a stout.




Back to the Beer at hand, the Barstormer Brewery Parachute Porter.  The Parachute Porter when poured fresh out of keg it has a very nice dark body.  There was about 2mm of head and the rest of the beer was a nice almost opaque black.  When you hold the beer to the light you really dont see a change at all, which is good.




When you put the beer to your lips and slowly tilt the glass back you get hit with a little sweetness which I think is due from the Chocolate Malts.  You also get a almost bitter taste but the rating of the beer is only 39 on the IBU scale, so in comparison to other beers like Amsterdam Boneshaker this is a non-bitter beer in the slightest.  What I did notice when drinking the beer as well is that you did almost get a roasted, or caramel flavoring at the end of the mouthful.


At the end of the day, if you are a fan of Porters and Stouts, I would recommend trying this beer for sure. It has more rich flavors in comparison to say a Guinness but it did not seem as heavy.  Worth a try for sure!!  Currently I’m not sure if you can buy the beer from the LCBO, but if you are in the Barrie Area you should swing by and grab a growler!!!


Rating:  4.19 out of 5

Was the Beer hoppy?  Not hoppy at all, which is good at times for sure!!!

Would you recommend this beer to a friend?  I would for sure!!! why wouldn’t I, I really enjoyed it and you will too!!

Why is a Porter called a Porter?  Because that is how it is spelt….


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