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Ravine Run trail update

August 22nd, 2019 by in Everything

I got out today to do some trail work on the RR. While I won’t say the trail is “open” it is now all ridable if you want to check it out. All the stumps are out and it’s all pruned back. Some raking done but if you ride it it will still be soft and loamy…all safe to test out even though it still needs some serious raking.

I have left a rake out on the trail in case anyone has time and wants to do some raking. It is at the start of the trail. Just follow in what is raked and look for the double flags to mark where the rake is. If anyone gets out, just leave it where you left off and mark it with two flags. There is a thin layer of loam that needs to be removed…ie aggressive raking!

This trail will likely continue to evolve as best lines are figured out and established and the trail gets packed it.

Again, thank you everyone for your donations. I picked up a few more new awesome rakes and ordered a few handles for my adze that seem to fall victim to trail building for current and future trail projects! We couldn’t do this with out your contributions.

Still more to come!

Weekend at Monica’s Update

August 22nd, 2019 by in Everything

Slight change for the weekend. Three Stages Ride will now be Friday at 3pm parking “up top”. (I’ll attach directions).  Happy hour at Monica’s will be at 5:30 if you can’t make the ride. Happy hour, dinner, camp, sleep, breakfast, ride at Kolapore 10ish (?) starting and ending at Monica’s house. If you need more info you can contact myself or Monica.

Fun, fun!





“Ravine Run” Trail

August 19th, 2019 by in Everything

We are at it again…the next addition has been started. The Ravine Run Trail. It’s a 800m one way loop trail off of the Max Extension Trail. You can likely figure out what the trail may be like by the name. It’s cleared of large deadfall trees and all leaf blown. Still some small stuff to remove and then it all needs to be raked out which we have started. It will be a work in progress as we figure out the ups and downs and what rides well.

If you want to participate feel free to grab a rake and do what you feel. It’s pretty easy to follow as the flags are still up. The trail is blocked right now by some logs as we will wait until it is done to open it. Fun, fun!!

Sunday ride

August 10th, 2019 by in Everything

Going to hit the DCF trails at 2pm tomorrow for an afternoon scoot!

New Trail Build Update

August 8th, 2019 by in Everything

Andy and I got out last weekend and marked out the next project…”The Ravine Run” trail. The County has inspected and approved our proposed route so we have now started. Andy got out this week to do a bunch of chainsaw work. The next step is to remove all the logs and small debris along the route. If you have time and wish to help please feel free to do so. The trail heads off about 1/2 along the new Max Extension Trail. You will see the orange flags marking the general plan for the trail (this will likely change a bit as we go along). Removal of debris and small saplings is the next task to be completed then we will leaf blow, clear again and go from there. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks and hope everyone is enjoying the trail additions!

Weekend Equestrian Notice

August 8th, 2019 by in Everything

Please be advised that there is an equestrian event this weekend in the Main Tract. This is “Debra’s Ride for Breast Cancer” and is a held as a fundraising event. They will be following the Pink equestrian loop. The cycling trail does cross this loop often so please exercise caution as you are approaching intersections as equestrians have the right of way. If you have a bell give it a ring as you approach the crossings and if you encounter an equestrian speak up so they know you are there. Feel free to ride through the field and say hello and interact with the equestrians…you should be well received. Have a great weekend!

Save the Date…Kolapore & 3 Stages with campout

August 5th, 2019 by in Everything

Hi all! Monica is hosting a ride/campout on August 23-24th. Kolapore ride Friday afternoon for those who can make it followed by food, beverages and campout/bonfire at Monica’s place (right by Kolapore). Saturday AM will be a ride at 3 Stages. More details will follow but there is room for tents and small trailers at her place. Feel free to join in for any part of “Weekend at Monica’s” that you can make it to!

Best to RSVP in some way if you are coming for the campout. I can pass names on to Monica or let her know next time you see her.

Thanks Monica, Cheers!

Monday Ride

August 4th, 2019 by in Everything

A few of us are heading out at 11:30 for a scoot and anyone is welcome to join. Likely 1.5 hours or so.


August long weekend Equestrian Event

August 1st, 2019 by in Everything

Hi everyone, please be aware that there is an equestrian event happening this weekend in the Main Tract. OTRA will be there August 2nd to August 5th and will be conducting various rides throughout the weekend.

Please exercise caution while out there this weekend. Pay extra attention when crossing the equestrian trails as not to surprise an equestrian and their horse. If you come upon someone, please stop and speak up so the horse will become aware that you are present. If you ride with a bell, a quick ring as you are approaching the crossings would also be a good idea to alert riders. If you don’t have a bell, not a bad idea to get one!

As always be courteous and friendly.

Between everyone cooperating and paying attention I’m sure everyone will have an uneventful enjoyable weekend. It’s all about mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Enjoy your time in the Forest.

ME Trail-first ride

August 1st, 2019 by in Everything

Our gang had a chance to ride the new ME Trail last night (both directions!). It seemed to ride quite well despite being only 24 hours old. It still will need traffic and rain (please rain!). Still a little more raking and corner polishing to do but it won’t stop you from having a good time on it.

The MC trail is definitely starting to firm up and get some fun flow to it.

Watch for the next one…an add-on to the ME Trail…the “Ravine Run” coming soon!  This one is going to be super fun.