Arch Brewing Company – Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA

April 7th, 2014 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

It’s been a while since there has been a beer review, and what better chance to do a few of them after the Real Canadian Craft Beer Festival down in Niagara Falls.  Short blurb on the show, prior to the actual review.  The show had about 20 different micro breweries at it so for beer lovers it was heaven.  This was the first year of the show in Niagara Falls, but I would recommend anyone go down and check it out.


Now to the main reason why you are reading this blurb, beer… We are getting closer and closer to the spring riding season, and the chance to go out and try a bunch of different brews.  One of the ones I tried was from Arch Brewing Company, called Dinner Jacket O’red IPA.  Like the name of the beer states, it is an IPA, but a red as well.  Arch is a Independent brewing company, and contracts is brewing out to Wellington Brewery.  So currently they do not have their own facility, but from talking to them at the show, this will be in the cards.


When the beer is poured into a glass it has a nice dark amber colour, hence the name being a Red beer.  if you are colour blind, then it’s a nice grey appearance…. There was a a nice foamy white head as well when it was poured out.  One of the coolest appearances is the can itself.  There’s a red dinner jacket on the can… what can be better than that, other than being givin one while drinking the beer, but I dont think that is going to happen.


The taste of the beer, which to be honest is the key of any beer was very good.  And this was one of the first beers I had at the show, so you can not tell me that it tasted good because I was intoxicated or something like that.  I purposely drank beers I’d never had before first, than worked to beers that I had or were skeptical on.  Anyways, the beer had a very nice balance of hops.  The IBU rating is 60 based on what I could find online, so not the hoppiest, but much more than normal beer for sure.  The IPA went down smooth as well, which is a good sign.  All in all it was a very good tasting beer.


This beer is available at the LCBO in Orangeville, as well as other LCBO locations, so next time you are there, pop in and see if you can find a can of this beer and give it a try.


Rating: 4.35 out of 5


Was the beer hoppy?  Yes, a really nice balance of hops.

Would you recommend this beer to a friend?  Yes I would, no doubt about it.

What is the little dot above the letter i called?  It’s called a Tittle.  Bet you didn’t know that….

Would you buy a case of this beer?  i would but it’s only available in single cans.





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