Who wants Socks!! We’ve got ’em, check them out

July 7th, 2016 by in Everything

So Tyler has been a busy boy working on getting these socks on the go and they have now arrived and if I don’t mind saying, the are awesome! (they have to be it says right on the sock!)



So, how do you get a pair of these awesome socks, well first off you have to want them.  Check.

Second, you have to check the sizing.  Oh wait, it is one size fits all!!!!  (sorta) Womans:  6+, Mens Size: 6.5 – 12. We’ve been testing, they fit Johnny, Craig, Mark W., and Karen great.

These socks stretch a bit so they fit nicely. If you want to try-before-you-buy no problem, just have sorta clean feet!

Third, you have to click on the Donate Button which looks like the button below or bring cash to a ride.

In the notes section, just put your full name and qty of socks you want.   It is that simple!


Cost will be: $15/pair, and if you’re interested in more than two pairs, ask us about a special deal!

Tyler and Johnny will have a supply with them so you can see one of us anytime for some clean awesome socks!

If you live anywhere out there and like our socks, feel free order some from us, just go to the DONATE tab make a payment (maybe add on a few $$ if you live a ways away for postage) and in the notes section put in quantity, name and address and we can mail them out to you.

Any questions use the CONTACT tab.

If you question the awesomeness of these then read the following review which was made after just one ride!

“Well…I have to hand it to Tyler for sourcing out  the team van go fountain of youth/miracle socks.
Now I’m not one for endorsing products but whom wouldn’t want to improve their bike riding, and knock years off their physical age simply by slipping on a pair of these beauties.
My suggestion buy a pair next outing…heck buy  a pair for the whole family…you won’t regret it ,I don’t. By the way I’m wearing a pair while typing this email…..dam my high school mullet just grew back.”

Mark W.

Do I need to say anymore?

Also, due to the lack of rain there is a water shortage.  We recommend buying lots ‘o socks to reduce laundry water consumption. Get socks, help the planet.

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