Weds ride… ride and prune anyone?

June 14th, 2016 by in Everything

So how many times have you been riding along and then get smacked in the face by a branch? It seems to be happening a lot on the Main Tract trails lately.  I’ve managed to prune back Ken’s, a lot of Steve’s and last night did the stick of the lolly pop.  The main section left is the “pop” of the lolly so I was wondering if on this Wednesday’s nights ride if whoever felt like helping out could bring along a set of pruners (don’t need saws, it’s just small stuff, even a good pair of scissors would work).  Thinking of just pruning as we ride working in pairs (easier to get each others pruners out of each others camel backs) with everyone just stopping and doing a few hundred metres each. 7 pairs x 200m each=1.4km! It’s not a “trail build” event so you can do as much or as little as you like. We’ll still keep together as a group, just do some leap frogging! See you Weds night!

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