VW show in Bayfield

August 16th, 2016 by in Everything

So first, where is Bayfield??? Well it’s between Goderich and Grand Bend just over a 2 hour country drive.

Why go?? ‘Cause it looks like a great time and if you have a VW van, well you owe it to everyone to go because we are team van go! If you don’t have a van you are welcome to come out and hang out with us and check out all the cool VW’s! Come for the day or stay the night before and enjoy the camp out and movie night.

If you would like to go please e-mail or contact me ASAP so we can get registered. Bernie went last year as a solo scout and had a great time so a bunch of us are heading out this year to enjoy the drive and the day.

For a bit more info, go to the EVENTS calendar and go to the Sept weekend


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