TVG Podiums Milky Way Fat Bike Race

March 9th, 2015 by in Everything

This past Sunday there was a fat bike race up at Hardwood Hills, if you didn’t know that it was happening you have been living under a rock.  Team Van Go had a great turnout of riders, as well as XC skiers to enjoy the great day!


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The race was split into 2 distances, 15km and 30km.

Tyler, Chris, Johnny, Karen, Jenny, Lorenzo, Mark Don and Ryan all competed in 15

Derek, Bernie and Sarah in the 30

Emily and Julie were support crew

XC skiing were, Ralph, Wendy, Karin, Dan and Joanne


A great part of the event was that they asked for people to dress in costume!  The perks, 1 you get to start front row, 2, the best costume got first choice of the prize table.




The course was a little over 15km, with a mix of single and double track.  The 30km riders started first, then the 15, so come time for the 15 folks to hit the single track it was torn up and not rideable.  Oh well, had a lot of fun yelling at each other in the forest, and joking around with the folks around us!


Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 5.43.10 PMThanks to Ryan for the GPS map screen shot


Once the race hit back on the skate trails then it was go time.  They were in excellent condition!  Tyler Johnny and Chris stayed in close proximity to each other for the majority of the ride until the flying sausage started pulling away near the last 3km.  Then Thor and Batman were touring and having fun with some xc skiers.


image (1)


Over the day we did come across the XC ski folks that were out enjoying the day.  this made the day a lot more fun, coming up on XC skiers, talking to them and then riding away.


image (2)


All in all it was an absolutely great day, and a great event put on by Hardwood Hills and the Bike Zone!


Below is the link to the results.


At the end of the Day:


Age Cat. 20-34 – Tyler Finished 3rd

Age Cat. 35-49 – Johnny First, Chris 3rd

image (1)

Age Cat. 50+ – Mark Train Second

Age Cat. 35-49 – Jenny Second

Age Cat. 50+ – Karen First (Even though she looks like she should be in the 20-34 category)



Age Cat. 35-49 (30km) – Sarah First


All in all, what a great day again, way too much fun, and will be in the calender for next year again!


Rating:  5 out of 5



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