TVG Family Holiday Road Trip

December 24th, 2014 by in Everything

Good evening all,


Well the plans are in place to do a Team Van Go Family Road Trip.  And what is a better time than to do it on Family Day weekend in February!!! (Feb 13-16, 2015)


After hearing all the great stories from Lori and Lisa, and our discussion last weekend, we have already started booking rooms.  Plan is to drive down Friday, ride Saturday and Sunday, then drive home Monday.  Google maps shows this tour to be around 5 hours, so not too bad!!!


Key Information:


Tyler, Johnny and Lisa have all booked rooms at the Hostel.  Below is the link.

There are different options on rooms.  There are private rooms for 2, private rooms for 4, both options with a private bathroom.  Then there are other 4, 6 and 8 person options.  Check out the website.  Any questions contact, Tyler Johnny or Lisa, one of us will be able to help.

Hostel link


If staying at a Hostel is not your cup of tea, if you drink tea… There is a Marriott and a Holiday Inn, a little further away from downtown Cleveland, but still good rates.

Marriott and Holiday Inn link  as other options


Now, the key to resistance… Ray’s Bike Park.  Really the sole reason for this road trip… Well this and the numerous places to consume copious amounts of alcohol….

Tyler and Johnny have already selected several pubs, breweries, and other pubs to try well over 75 different beers.  Oh and did I mention that New Belgium Brewery Fat Tire is available in Ohio????

Ray’s Bike Park Link


So, that is the long and the short of the details.  Have to give a huge thanks to Lisa for getting us all the information on Rays, Hotels etc.

This trip is open to everyone and anyone wanting to road trip down and spend a weekend away!!!


Like I mentioned, if you have any questions let one of us know!! You can contact us through the Contact Us tab, it will go directly to Johnny!




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