Trail Report

October 17th, 2016 by in Everything

Hey everyone. Just a little trail update…after the SSITT this weekend (which I must thank everyone for making this a great day and night. Everyone is awesome!) the trails are in superb condition!

A heads up on the first half of the lollypop which was not in the race…Janet contacted me and reported that there is a large tree top down over the trail at the top of one of the hills.  We had thought the logging was complete in this section, but maybe not.  She has said that it is a chainsaw operation and too large to move as it is and as a result is a good size hike a bike. Hopefully they are still around and are able to move it.

Also keep a heads up in the pine logging area.  They are still in there and should hopefully be done by the end of the week. The trail is clear right now but that may change daily.

Enjoy the trails and the fall colours!

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