The Humbler – Race Review

June 22nd, 2016 by in Everything

Well another Substance Projects event into the books, and yet again another excellent event put on by Dan and his volunteers!


This event was held in the Northumberland forest by Baltimore Ontario, and was the third in his XC Marathon series.  Like always, there was a half and full marathon event, with the full running a double lap of approx. 35km per lap.   Start times were the normal 11 and 11:30am starts, which was not bad, due to the heat slowly coming in, and the humidity.


With the high temperatures, decided to run with the camelback, and after what happened in Dan’s last race, I did not want to dehydrate again, cause let me tell you, it was not fun!


Tyler, Brian and Chris W all did the half marathon, which had about 80 folks registered in it.  So another great turnout for this event!


The Humbler has a very fast start, with a lot of wide open single track, and not too much for climbing.  The first 15km just flew by, with average speeds up in the 20km/hr range, but even that speed, Chris was long gone, cause he is that awesome!  Over the duration of the day, the heat started to take it’s toll on folks, and by the 25km mark, climbs were tough for people, and a lot of people on the side of the trail with cramping etc.  Again thank goodness for the camelback for that ride for sure.


The second half of the course was a little tighter, a little more climbing, but all and all still pretty quick and a lot more fun.  I would compare Northumberland forest to Dufferin for sure, just a little more open.  Still a tonnes of fun!  

Like always, there was a BBQ going, and several beer had, and the stories of the epic crashes, and the sweet singletrack all around.

The end of the day, another great event put on by Dan, and the arrows made it easy to follow, noone got lost, so a great day had by all. 


Team Van Go had Brian up on the Podium for 2nd place in the fat bike category as well!!  Glutton for punishment for sure.


Also, Tyler is currently 1st overall in the 20-24 Mens category, so we will see how long that lasts.  






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