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January 2nd, 2015 by in Everything

Well it has been another year for Team Van Go, and what a year it has been!!!  We have had some big changes, new websites, new people coming in and riding, and a lot of laughs.  Below is a summary of the year to get you caught up.  I know my resolution this year will be to summarize at the end of each month… Cause boy it’s tough to go back in time.  Hope everyone enjoys!!!



The month of January started out like every year.  A ride on January First.  The big difference in 2014 was that the first ride was -14c and there was a tonnes of snow on the ground.  If you forgot we had this thing called the Polar Vortex…. it was cold… that is all.  During January, we did hook someone onto a Fat Bike.  We did a destination ride from Rob Roy to Collingwood, where we had Chris borrow a bike and well now he is completely hooked.  We had a lot of hard rides in the month of January, with both the temperature and the amount of snow.  The positive was that the snowmobile trails were in great shape for the most part.  January also had the beginnings of the Dufferin Forest Management Plan.

Beer Reviews for the Month:

None for the Month!! Oh No










February was a big month in Team Van Go news / history.  The month of February brought us the new website, which again big thank you to Kathy and Johnny for getting this off the ground.  Also February brought us more winter riding, as well as some great snowshoe hikes as well.  February we continued the trend of a bike ride, or ride attempt every week!!!  We succeeded for the month of February.  We had some great weather in February, with the weekend rides being very sunny… Not warm, but sunny!

Beer Review:

Mill Street Organic: 3.95 out of 5










March was yet another month where we had snow snow and more snow… And to be honest at this stage of the winter everyone was itching for warmer temperatures, and no snow… our prayers were not answered…  March brought us the Fatty Frost Cross in Hardwood Hills.  A total recommendation for anyone with a fat bike to do this race.  This year Tyler won fat bike rims, which in turn are now on Chris’s Bike.  March came and went in the blink of an eye.

Beer Review:

Great Lakes Brewery – Winter Ale:  3.95 out of 5

IMG_0620 IMG_20140302_120808 IMG_2254






April brought us the first signs of things to come for the year.  Early in the month we started to get some snow melt, and visually see dirt that had been buried under snow since December.  Also in April was the introduction to Rose into the group.  It was the first ride we did with her, and was a great day, and a new friend.   The Homage to Ice is held in April as well.  Senn and Johnny both competed in the Fat Bike Category and doing quite well giving Team Van Go the first Podium of the year.  We had a tonnes of great riding, and it gave us a lot of hope for breaking out the skinny bikes.  (Here is a hint for this year, April we were still riding Fat bikes, that is 4 months away!!!).  April 21st was our first Skinny Tire Rider to come out and that was Senn because he is awesome! We also did the mass Trail Clean Up for the spring, which was a great turnout!  We cleaned up all of the trails in Dufferin forest, and a huge thank you to all that came out.  This will be done again for 2015.

Beer Review:

Arch Brewing Company – Diner Jacket O’red IPA:  4.35 out of 5

Highlander Brewing Company – Lion grass Beer:  4.30 out of 5









April 2014 069




May, when the birds and the bees come out, and so do skinny tired mountain bikes with suspension, and the realization of how much you missed such suspension.  May also consisted of more Dufferin Forest Management meetings, and management plans.  We had some great rides on the freshly cleaned up trails as well!!!  Mansfield Outdoor centre was the host for the spring 8 hour with 2 team van go teams competing.  Team van go had another podium with Senn, Chris, Andrew and Tyler placing 2nd in their category!  Team van go also became a member of IMBA in May which is a huge step forward for the group as a whole!

Beer Review:

Harvistouns Bitter and Twisted IPA:  4.75 out of 5










Team Van Go did some travelling in the month of June trying out different locations, Ravenshoe, and Copeland Forest.  We also moved the Wednesday Ride to Mono Cliffs, and there was a wedding in the month of June too for Johnny and Karen.  It was a busy time for all for sure.  There wasn’t that many extra rides, for the month, but the weather was great.  June also brought the planning stage for the Sausage Suit ITT race.  There were also more Dufferin Forest Management meetings in June, the saga continues.  As the weather gets better the pictures decreased… Hopefully this year we will rectify that!

Beer Review:

Neustadt Brewery – 10W30:  4.25 out of 5







July brought team van go to the water with a kayak run in the Collingwood area.  Also, the wheels went into place with the organization of teams racing in the Mountainview 9hour race in Midland.  Our weekly Rides continued throughout the month, as well we had Ken’s Birthday Ride.  We also went out and tried the ROC bike park in Georgina, a great place to check out for sure.

Beer Review:

Mill Street – Palomar Ale:  0.15 out of 5

Hop City Brewing Company – Barking Squirrel:  4.12 out of 5









The Month of August was a busy one that is for sure.  We had the Mountainview 9hr race in Midland, we had several teams entered, and everyone had an absolutely great time, weather was ideal!  Also, we finally organized the trail build day to fix the connector trail in Dufferin to fix the trail destroyed by logging.  Also one thing everyone started to notice was the days were getting shorter and lights were in peoples forefront.   Also a Hop Festival, what a great month!

Beer Review:

Collective Arts Brewing – Rhyme or Reason:  4.36 out of 5











September was a month filled with great events, starting with the Kingston Trophy Race, and then the Sausage Suit ITT / Team Van Go Kampout.  The Kingston Race sent Tyler out to compete in the 40km race coming in 2nd place.  Then the Sausage Suit, which Team Van Go had a great showing, with Tyler, Craig, Chris, Karen, and Jamie all putting themselves up on one step of the podium!  Also in September was the Centurion where Jonathon and Craig both did great at!  September also had the Fall 8 hour, where Team Van Go had a team in, then the inaugural Team Van Go Cottage day up at Taylor’s Family cottage near Parry Sound.  September was the month of Fat Bike Buying with 3 new additions to the Fat bike lineup.

Beer Review:

Sawdust City Brewery – Lone Pine IPA:  4.61 out of 5












October brought us riding, riding and more riding.  As the summer winds down, the thoughts move to Fat Biking and night riding.  The days get cooler, and the shorts and T-shirts slowly are replaced with Wool Base Layers and tights.  But nevertheless, we still had some fantastic Rides!  October also was the Beginning of Thursday Night Spin Classes in Orangeville, so you know that means the riding season for most is winding down, or is it….. We had 2 more Fat bikes join in, so that made a total of 5 in a little over than a month!

Beer Review:

Amsterdam Brewery – Autumn Hops:  4.41 out of 5







What a great time to buy a Fat Bike, as November gave us our first Fat Bike Ride of the year.  A little snow never hurt noone.  November also brought in another Fat Bike to the group, and Team Van Go Making the papers.  There was a great article written in the “In The hills” magazine with regards to Fat Biking.  We also started back up our family breakfast’s at the country cabin.  Another great month on a bike!

Beer Review:

Barnstormer Brewery – Parachute Porter:  4.19 out of 5

IMG_3702 - 2014-11-16 at 12-02-08








December, the month that closes out the year of 2014, and then there was snow.  Positive is that there is not near the same amount of snow as we had last year at the exact same time!  We did get some snow, and credit to Dan who is a trooper still on his Heckler and skinny tires.  We had several great fat bike rides, and also checked out the trails down in Puslinch.  Also with the snow our Wednesday Night Rides changed to Dufferin Forest so that is the omen of Winter Riding.  December also brought us the Rays Bike Park Planning so this will be a key point for February of 2015 year in review!!

Beer Review:

Side Launch Brewery – Pale Ale:  3.87 out of 5

Bellewoods Brewery – Farmageddon









Well that’s it, the year in review for 2014.  It’s amazing to think how far we have all come in 1 year.  Who know’s what will happen in 2015, but heres hoping to good health, and great riding.




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