Team Van Go – Year in Review

December 31st, 2015 by in Everything

As 2015 comes to a close, we look back at yet another year of fun and shenanigans.  Below is a brief overview of what happened in 2015.  Enjoy



The month of January was filled with great fat bike riding.  We had numerous rides, with plenty of folks trying out fat biking for their first times.  We had some amazing riding conditions over the month, with temperatures on the Wednesday night rides hitting a nice warm -18C!!!

Bike Right and Derek had their open house, which was a great time.





Christine and Ian welcomed the arrival of their son Elliot Konrad Deemert





February was much the same as January.  We continued the Wednesday night rides through the month, but we also had a couple of adventures.  They started with Substance Projects Joyride 150 party.  If you haven’t been to Joyride it is well worth the trip.  We also made the new annual trip to Cleveland to experience Ray’s Bike Park.  As you can see from the photos below, it was a heck of a trip.  We had a great showing, and hope for more on this years trip.






The month of March gave us the beginning of the racing season, with the Milky Way Fat Bike Race at Hardwood Hills.  This race was a riot as always.  Team van go had a great showing with many folks standing on the Podium.  March also gave us numerous new fat bike owners, which is great to see.  We also started to see dirt for the first time in months!!!


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The annual Homage to Ice occurs in April and this year again was a fun time put on by Dan and Substance Projects.  Both Chris and Derek stood on the Podium for this event, which was consisting of  Mud, Snow Ice and a great water crossing. April also brought us back to full on single track riding! This was a glorious day, with the skinny tire bikes hitting the trails. We also headed back to Mono Cliffs for the Wednesday night rides.







May was a quieter month on the website, but we did have some fun over the month.  We continued our weekly rides, and also had a couple teams head out to the Epic 8hr race at Mansfield Outdoor Centre.  Our weekly rides started to increase and more and more folks started coming out.  The month of May flew by, and prepping for the busy month of June.  We began preparation for trail cleanup after the logging of several sections of dufferin Forest.






We started the month off with some trail cleanup.  We had a great crew come out on a drizzly day to clean up the trails.  With this size of group it did not take long to have everything cleaned.  We also had sandwiches from the Rosemont General Store to feed everyone.  Tyler competed in the 24hr Summer Solstice as a Solo Rider.  The 5 person team that entered the race finished a respectful 3rd place putting team van go back on the podium.  At the end of the day racing it as a solo, and looking back, I would do it again for sure.  As long as there was the same amount of support.  The week after the 24hr was Substance Projects Northumberland Humbler race, with Tyler Taylor and Keith went out to race.  No podiums at this event, but such a great time.  Derek also left to hit the BC Bike Race.










July is the month of the Sausage Suit ITT! Next year it will be pushed back to October for more favorable riding conditions.  This years was a great event, and it is getting bigger every year.  We also had the Kampout afterwards as well which is always fun.  Podium finishers, Chris, Andrew, Lisa, Wendy, Jennifer, Derek, Ryan, Mark, Jack, Sarah, and Penny. This past year Chris was the Ape and for 2016 Dan will be dawning the suit and serving cold beer.  Thanks to Creemore for the beer supply!





July 2015 015



August was a quieter month for team van go and the activities.  It was a month filled with normal rides, and some beer reviews and beer tastings at the Orangeville Beer Festival.  We also created the conception of the Collingwood Beer Run entry, which was to be run in October.


Photo from Untappd



September saw a bunch of different things happen, there was the Epic 8hr at Hardwood Hills, Johnny and Derek headed off to Interbike, and the conception of the Newfoundland trip for 2016.  Riding continued on and the head lights for riding started become more and more necessary.  The days are starting to become shorter which kinda sucks.  But we are still out in full force!








As people started prepping for fall and winterizing equipment, we were still out biking.  Trails and weather were ideal over the month of October, with the weekly Wednesday Rides still happening, and weekend rides still going on.  The amount of riders started to diminish slightly, but still getting good numbers for the Wednesday night rides, which were still at mono Cliffs.  There was also a Joyride tour as well.  Funny, it was the first month we didn’t post any photos… or have any beer reviews!! this must change



We really hit the ground running with the Newfoundland trip, with many ideas of what to bring, gadgets etc.  Substance Projects released their plan for a fat bike race series, with one of the races to happen at Dufferin Forest in January.  We even started having gormet food brought out to the rides for a nice warm meal.  Fat bikes started making appearances for rides, they weren’t fully needed, but it was getting close.





The last month of the year, and there is still little to no snowfall (until the very end of the month).  We had beer reviews, bike rides, and all in all fun times for the month.  As the month comes to a close so does 2015.  We have had a lot of good times, good laughs, and good rides.  We had some folks go out with injuries over the year, but with the hope of everyone getting back to riding soon, 2016 should be another amazing year.  Who knows what it has in store.  We are welcoming new faces out for rides which is awesome, as our motto has been, beer beer beer….  Well I think that’s what it is anyways… Oh well.







Cheers to 2016!


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