Team Van Go Podiums Homage to Ice 2015

April 13th, 2015 by in Everything

This past weekend, Substance projects and Dan put on an excellent Homage to Ice like always!  I’m going to start off by congratulating Dan and the volunteers for the day, fun, wetness.  Huge thanks to Rose and Janet for being at the Aid station, and cheering on everyone equally… But a little extra cheering for the fat bikes, maybe a little bias…


The day was perfect, the sun came out, and warmed everything up, and made the day really enjoyable.  Out for the race supporting team van go, were, Chris, Derek, Tyler, Don, Dan and Ryan.  All of which were riding fat bikes!


The full marathon started at 11am, and were doing 3 – 20km laps, where the half marathon riders did a lap and a half, totaling 33km.  I can really only comment on the half marathon as that’s what I did…. The start pushed us down the main fire road to the back of the forest, then out to the 20th side road, then a long road ride section on gravel road… Tyler and Chris started Mid to back of the pack, and by the end of the 3km downhill were sitting 2nd and 3rd overall… Fat bikes gave us a huge bonus on this stretch… then came the road… so we fell back to where we should have been which was mid pack… We ended up riding the majority of the race with 3 other fat bikes, and on the final leg of the road fell back… yup the road killed both of us…


Dan had a really strong performance riding his first long ride on a fat bike! Even riding with a full face downhill helmet and all, did awesome, cause well dan’s awesome.


Thanks to Ryan for sending the below GPS map, and a link to a video he made up.  Awesome ride by Ryan as well.  The best part of the road ride was that it was an out and back so you got to see everyone at some point over the road section.  Giving them high fives etc.


H2i 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 6.30.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 6.30.55 PM




At the end of the day, everyone on team van go had a great event.  Great to see everyone on their fat bikes… which we had such a disadvantage for this race…. but oh well, we had a riot!


In Open Mens Half Marathon, Chris finished in 3rd place, giving team van go a podium.

In Full Marathon, Fat Bike Category, Derek took top spot!!








Detailed results are below:



All in all another great outing, and again special thank you to Dan and his group of volunteers.  This would not have been possible without them.



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