Team Van Go – Bike Maintenance 2015

February 24th, 2015 by in Everything

Well it has been brought up a few times, and there seems to be some interest in it.

We are looking at doing some Spring Bike Maintenance for folks that want to learn more about their bike, and how to do some general maintenance on them.

The thought is, we could pop by, take a look at the bike, make a list of what is needed, send the list back with pricing etc, you would order the parts needed, then pick a day / afternoon, and go front to back on the bike.  Some things, such as Suspension would have to be sent out, but more basic items, drivetrain, brakes, would be easy fixes.

Between a couple of us, we have more than enough tools to do this.

So, if you would like to do this, send Tyler an email, hollema AT hotmail DOT com with Bike Maintenance in the title.

I know you think the biking season is still far off, but it is coming up quicker than you think!



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