Some weekend ride feedback

September 2nd, 2015 by in Everything

I received this from the equestrian group that we came across in Dufferin two weeks ago.  We were on the single track (heading to N of 20) and they were on the blue equestrian trail.  I have only included the message body that pertains to our group and Dufferin Forest…..


Message Body:
I want to thank you for the most courteous, polite trail crossing experience ever!  We were a group of five equestrians visiting Dufferin Forest for four days of horseback riding. We were following the Blue Ribbon OCTRA trail and had a trail crossing with 10-12 mountain bikers.  They saw (heard) us, talked to us, rang their bells and asked for direction as to how to pass us.     ……………….. live up to the standards that these mountain bikers showed us.
I just wanted you to know and hopefully you can pass on to your membership that we really, really appreciated the kindness.  Happy Trails


Hats off to everyone for creating this positive experience for both user groups!

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