Skinny Tire Trail Report

April 16th, 2015 by in Everything

Yeah that is  right folks, Skinny Tire Trail report, not fat bike!  For a quick overview, you do not need a fat bike in Dufferin anymore, the trails are dried up and good to go.  There will need to be some little clean up, but nothing major at all!


We had a huge turnout last night, which was great to see.  Tyler, William, Ian, Craig, Dan, Chris, Emily, Grace, Savanna, James, and Adam.  It was awesome to be out in the forest, with the weather, nice and sunny, and a great group of folks out.


We ended up riding the lollipop and then riding an out and back on the new trail Dan built for the Homage to Ice.  It will be nice to keep riding this trail adds in a small piece to the loop.  After the Homage race, it has burnt in really nicely.


All in all the trails are wide open and good to go.  Also from riding a fat bike all winter, it was so so nice to jump on the full suspension bike again and do a hard ride!


Skinny Tire Ride Rating: 5 out of 5




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