Sausage Suit ITT – Race Recap

July 22nd, 2015 by in Everything

Well another year is in the books for the Sausage Suit ITT race.  And what a great year it was again, we had sunny (hot) weather, and roughly 68 folks come out to Dufferin Forest to ride 16.6km of single track and more single track.


To start the event off we had Craig’s little ones dress up as hot dogs and wave folks into the parking lot.  Which is always a great sign of things to come.






The racing started at 1:30 with this years gorilla Chris starting the race.  He was competing in the 15km race to do his lap then prepare to chase people around the forest, but we will get to that later on.  Janet was at the start ramp doing an awesome job again this year to do and enthusiastic count down and send out the riders. It just wouldn’t quite be the same at the start without her!  (thanks Janet!). After Chris the 30km racers were out, in 30 second intervals.  This creates a great cat and mouse game with the folks ahead and behind you.  You are constantly a carrot for the chasers, and you have a carrot just ahead of you!  In the 30km there were, Tyler, Derek, Jamie, Jennifer, Ryan, Taylor, Bernie, Dan, Keith, Sadie and Ian!  A great showing for all of the Team Van Go folks.  The 30km race was a double of the 15km race, which in all honestly was 16.6km per lap.  In the 15km Race there was, Chris, Andrew, Mark, Jack, Craig, Don, Lisa, Wendy, Kim, Sarah and Penny, so yet again a great showing for Team Van Go.








Out in the forest doing some support was Lori, Emily, Ralph, Karin, Jonathon, Leslie, Callum, and Logan.  (I’m sorry if I am forgetting someone)


The rain we received the night before worked out perfectly to keep the dust to a minimum and the trails tacky.  The heat was going to be the major problem for most if not all.  The instant sweat was just a thing to come over the course of the next few hours.








The first 15km lap was tough, but keeping your whits about you, and slowing down a tad was key to making sure you could survive the second lap.  Which when you hit the second lap you know that all you had left was 16km to go.  Also, for me personally, I knew the Gorilla was going to be out in the forest with beer in hand!










July 2015 013








As for the Gorilla, Chris was the man in the suit this year handing out beer.  How the determination of the suit wearer is done, the fastest 15km lap of the previous year wears the suit.  This year’s wearer of the suit goes to Mr. Dan.  So next year when you are in the race, he will be supplying you with the cold Creemore refreshments.   Which I should bring up, Matt from Creemore was gracious enough to donate the beer for the station, which went over extremely well!!  Thanks to Creemore Springs for this!






With Chris in the suit there was 1 casualty, Dan was taken out at the top of the climb….. maybe some revenge next year….






All in all, we had an excellent time, and have to give a huge thank you to Dan from Substance Projects for putting this on again.


Hopefully next year we can have more folks stay over the night as well!


Results are below






From the results you can see there were some podium finishers, Chris, Andrew, Lisa, Wendy, Jennifer, Derek,

Ryan, Mark, Jack, Sarah, and Penny all stepped foot on the podium for their respective categories!  Congrats all!










After the race a bunch of folks stuck around to sit around the campfire and enjoy the night.  People were telling tales of their epic journey during the race, and drinking more beer than you can shake a stick at.  All in all a great day!  We invite everyone that is racing to bring a tent and relax for the night, as it is free!!!







Cheers until next year!


July 2015 015


Thanks to Ralph for the Great Phtotos!


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