Saturday Trail Report

January 3rd, 2015 by in Everything

Great day on the trails today, Myself, Karen, Dan (thanks to Jenny for your Fat Bike, again, it’s having a great time!), Chriiiiisss!, Mark and Max headed out not knowing what to expect.


I did a “pre-ride” to the 20th, trail was in good shape and is going to be renamed the “homestead trail” (I’ll explain and show everyone later….) then the group headed out on the “stick”. We had a bit of a mechanical, but nothing the team couldn’t deal with.


Mark fixed up his chain and off we went again!

The stick was so, so having a number of ruts to deal with from mild weather riding.  We hopped on double track to seek out the “trail to nowhere”.  We ended up at the top of the new climb so we rode an out and back on the TTNW (which was in awesome shape!)

then down the new hill. Headed along the fire road back to the parking lot which was rutted out so we headed back to trail on the “stick” and returned via that trail.  All in all a great day with a snowfall happening as we were riding…a perfect winter day for justifying the purchase of a Fat Bike.


Riders: Johnny, Karen, Chriiissss!, Mark, Dan, Max the dog.  As well Janet, Rose and Jackson the dog (I know you were out there! Hope you had fun!)

Trail Rating: Fat Tire:4.5/5 (-0.5 for the rutty trail and fire road)

Skinny Tire: none out there, but likely a 0.0

Distance: 13km

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