Review – Albion Fat Bike Festival – Team Van Go Podiums

January 16th, 2016 by in Everything

While it is fresh on my mind, and easy to write at this time, today was the perfect day for Superfly Racing to hold the First ever, Albion Fat Bike Festival, at Albion Hills…. if you didn’t get the location from the title I apologize.


Another positive with doing a post at this time, is that I have some extra time to sit and write, so two for two.  Now to the happenings of the day.


Today was a dual event, there was a 10km Poker Run, and a 20km Race.  Both utilized the same 10km loop, which was filled with Double and Single Track.  The day started and finished at the chalet, which was great, as after the race or ride you had some free Redline Beer, and chili.


Team van go had entrants in both the 10 and 20km events. Janet, Rose, Tyler, Chris, Craig, Derek, Bernie, Ryan and Adam all did the 10km Poker Run, while Brian, Shawna and Eric all did the 20km Race.


The day was perfect, weather was a nice -1C at race start, the sun was shining and there was a bit of a breeze.  The Poker run was released in waves, as this was not a timed event and the premise of collecting 5 cards along the way, and the person with the best hand wins the day.  So out we went, in our group, Thor, and Batman, led the way out of the team van goers in the final wave of the poker run.  Costumes were not required, but there was a prize for the best cosutme.

The winner of the best costume was Thor!!!! Chris won himself a shiny new Apollo Large Stout Fat Bike Frame!  Illona will be the new team van go costumer designer. All who dressed up also received a case of Rumble Super Shake.

Also, for 2nd Best hand, Adam also won a Apollo Large Stout Fat Bike Frame!



The trails were in great shape, with some ice sections, but all in all everything was hard packed, and fast rolling.


A great photo of some of the folks that did the 10km Poker Run



In the 20km race, Shawna  finished on the Podium for her Womens Class.


Shawna podiums in her first race ever !

Shawna podiums in her first race ever !

I dont have a photo at this post, but when we get one I’ll add it up.


At the end of the day, all had such a great day, and look forward to next years.

The costumes will be stepped up for sure!





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