Rays Bike Park 2016

October 27th, 2015 by in Everything

Hi Everyone,


Well here is the feeler for heading back down to Cleveland Ohio for Rays Bike Park.

This will become a Team Van Go tradition for Family day long weekend.





Date:  Friday February 12th, to Monday February 15th, 2016

Location:  Cleveland Ohio


What is Rays??? Check out the link below for all kinds of details.



Where do we stay??? Cleveland Hostel.  If you are thinking, i’m not staying at a hostel, you will be surprised how nice this place is.



So what to do, and how to make sure you can come.

  1. Make sure you have a valid PassPort!
  2. Contact the hostel, and book a room.  They have private rooms, so you have your own bathroom, or you can share with 3 other folks.
  3. Drive to Cleveland
  4. Ride at Rays
  5. Post ride festivities.


If you have never come to a team van go trip, as most people say, it is not so much about the riding, but more about the time off the bike, and the fun and stories.


Over the coming weeks we will start to piece together people and rooms, as we are planning on booking an entire floor.

Once people are reserved and we get closer to the day, we will also look at car pools heading down.  From Mansfield it is about 5-5.5hr drive, so not that bad at all.


Start looking at your calendar and planning for this weekend away.

To give you an idea, last year total weekend expenses came to roughly 600$ for 2 people. That is food, drinks, and beer to bring home.






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