Product Review: Muscle Care

August 17th, 2016 by in Everything

Another product review from the ride across Newfoundland.  This time about the during and post ride muscle relief.  The first time I tried Muscle Care was from one of Dan’s Substance Projects races which was given out as a draw prize.   Honestly, one of the most useful draw prizes I think i have ever received!




The product that I’ve used comes in a handy Roll on Applicator, keeping the mess down, and just all and all easy to use.  During the ride, the main areas that I was personally using Muscle Care on were the thighs and calf’s.  Honestly just an all around use of the product.  Muscle Care is used as a Topical Pain reliever which for Newfoundland worked great for myself.


Pretty much every morning, and after ride I was using Muscle Care, and it provided a great relief for the days riding. A nice thing about Muscle Care is the smell, it clears the nostrils right up with the same smell as Vicks.  So if you have allergies and sore joints / muscles, this will hit 2 birds with one stone.  In all seriousness, I have been using Muscle Care for several years now, and have had no complaints whatsoever.


If you are looking for another alternative to the normal muscle rubs I would recommend Muscle Care 100%!

Check out their website below for more information as well.



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