Northumberland Humber – Race Report

June 30th, 2015 by in Everything

This past Saturday Taylor, Tyler and Keith all raced, with Emily helping Dan out volunteering at the Northumberland Humber.


This was a 35 and 70km Half and Full Marathon race through the Northumberland County Forest.  First impressions were, it was identical to Dufferin forest, with respect to the terrain and appearance.  One main difference was that Northumberlands trails have a bit more rocks then dufferin, less roots, and the trails are about 2-3 feet wider, making it a super fast and super flowy trail.




There were 73 entries in the Half Marathon race, which started at 11:30.  Luckily for us, the rain did not start, so it was clear sailing.  The 3 of us started near the back of the pack, mainly because everyone else had lined up so bloody early!


The start happened away we go.  The beginning 3km were on a double track slight incline so strong climbers moved to the front others jostled for position.  After the first 2 sections of single track, Tyler moved to mid pack, and Taylor and Kieth not far behind.  The first 10+km were super fast and flowy, I was able to keep an average speed of 23km/hr and riding not that hard, but smooth.  The aid station came up with the road crossing, handing out pop, and who doesn’t like a good coke or pepsi after riding hard for about an hour.


The second half of the course seemed to be a little more difficult with the steeper climbs, and softer trails, but still a tonnes of fun. If you kept your speed going down, you could easily carry it going up.  I ended up hooking into a group of 3 guys, all similar riding ability and speed, and the race turned more into a ride.  We chatted, and had a lot of fun discussion everything from the 24hr to the 8hr and bikes etc.


All in all the rain held off for the day, which was excellent, and all had fun.  Dan did another great job with the race, it was a lot of fun as always, well organized etc.


Results are here:


Tyler Finished 5th

Taylor 9th

Keith 14th (Keith had a mechanical at the 10km mark)


We enjoyed the BBQ at the end of the day, and would recommend the race again to all team van go-ers.




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