Newfoundland – Wreckhouse

April 3rd, 2016 by in Everything

We had a little discussion this afternoon after the ride, and for anyone who is planning on riding in Newfoundland, there is one spot that we will be crossing through that is very interesting!

Wreckhouse Newfoundland.

The wreckhouse is located just out of Port-au-basque.



The Wreckhouse is famous for it’s very high winds.  Based on the photo below from the weather network on wind gusts.  (Feb. 2015)

Weather Network


Winds in the Wreckhouse has been known to hit Gusts of in excess of 200km/hr!  That’s windy.

This area was known to blow the train over when crossing the island.

Just google the wreckhouse, and take a look at some of the images.


This will be a great way to start our adventure across the island for sure!





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