Newfoundland Training Ride Review

May 24th, 2016 by in Everything

Well this past holiday Monday, Tyler and Craig started the journey from Grenfel Ontario with an end goal of reaching Penetang.  We had Brian join up with us in Wyevale, but we will get to that as well.








The goal behind the ride was to see how riding over 100km at 1 go would feel, and to be honest for both of us, we felt alright.  Again, our average pace was a little high sitting in and around the 20km/hr mark.  The rail trail we rode stretched from Grenfel to Elmvale, the Elmvale through to Penetang.






The trail surface was a little mixed, with hard packed gravel, loose gravel, paved section, soft sand, and grass.  So it gave us a mix of everything which is good.  Also, unknown to us was that there was a considerable amount of climbing.  Overall distance had 300+ m  of climbing, which put into terms, the lollipop loop in dufferin has roughly the same amount.




Our ride started out at 9am, with us making great time to Elmvale.  We decided to ride through with the Dock Lunch our end goal in Penetang.  Riding along, we hit Wyevale, and riding towards us was another Team Van Go member Brian.  He parked in Penetang and rode back towards us.  We finished the 16km section from Wyevale to Penetang, riding along the water, and just having a good time.


We ate lunch, had our water re-filled and away we went.  We had a little over 56km each way.  The way back was luckily a little more downhill then uphill so that is a positive!  The sun was out in full force, and giving us a great farmers tan for sure.  We hit Elmvale and decided it was the perfect place to stop and have our mid ride beer, or two….










From Elmvale back to Grenfel was a short 25km jaunt, so away we went again.  The only problem, sitting for a little less than an hour, the legs decide they do not want to work as easily as they had been.  Took a little while for the body to get back into the groove and we were good to go.  By this point in the ride, the slight 1 degree uphills you really started to feel.  We did have a big positive coming up though, coming back through Anton Mills, we had a long downhill, and it was refreshing.  The only problem with that though, we finished with a long uphill back to the parking lot.


During the ride, one thing we were eating was Peanut M&M’s and to be honest were the best “treat” or source of food we had.  They were easy to eat, tasty and full of sugar!





The ride itself finished at 113km, 5hr 41min riding, just shy of 4000 calories burned.  You can look at the Garmin exert below.

All in all, waking up this morning, can I ride another 100km, the answer to that is yes for sure.

It will become a mental game for sure over the course of several days, and also, changing handle bar set up due to the hands going a little numb after an hour in the saddle.


Everyone is invited on these rides, we were not fully kitted up, it was more just to ride for 100km.






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