Newfoundland Accomodations

May 10th, 2016 by in Everything

Hi all,


For anyone planning on coming to Newfoundland, for the post ride activities, or for anyone who is a part of the ride, we have worked out a deal with MUN university to stay in their Paton College rooms.


As it sits now, we are going to book all on 1 invoice with them, this way it is easier to track, and we know we cover everything off etc.   The rooms are traditional Dorm style, with shower and toilet being shared.

The rooms available are:

Room option 1:  2 x Twin Beds – $69.03 per night

Room option 2:  1 x Double Bed – $84.24 per night


The first night we are booking in is on July 27th, 2016.


If you want to add yourself onto the booking list, we need to know by the end of this weekend (May  15th) what your plan is (if you are sharing a room and with who) and duration.

If you do not let us know (via contact us, or let Tyler or Johnny know) then it will be up to yourself to book your room.  If you book under the team van go header, you should be in the same building and area as the rest of us.





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