Mono Cliffs Trail Report

March 16th, 2015 by in Everything

This is a trail report by Rose and Janet from last week in Mono, sorry about the delayed post…

Rose happened into Mono Cliffs on foot on Friday (March 6th) to give Jackson a leg stretch and discovered the trails were fat-friendly. So, we ventured in on Saturday. And Sunday. And had so much fun, I took the day off work and went Monday, too.


We accessed the park from the village entrance and were able to boot it up that grumpy hill to the South Outlier Trail. We tried it in both directions and ultimately decided that ripping along on the ridge side (staying left at the first fork) was the best way to go. Sure, it’s a long, slow climb, but it was no problem at all. We actually decided to ride the trail all the way around to the the fork with the Bruce Trail (under the hydro line). And we turned around and went right back where we came — stretch that connects the loop along the fence line was loose, so we figured it was more fun actually riding that hike-a-bike.

We checked out the Walter Tovell trail and rode along the bottom of the cliff. Then looped back along the Cliffside Trail around the pond and back south on the Tovell trail.

Today (Monday March 9th), we did the South Outlier with the same out-and-back pattern. The snow was super fast and we were able to cook it up to 21-22 km/hr for short distances. The snow is deep along the edges and we both hit the deck a couple times, mostly because Jackson stopped dead in front of one of us and we had nowhere to go but into the snow!

We also stopped at the lake closest to the village and then took the Cliffside Trail backwards, over the bridges and up the rock switchback. The sections out in the orchard were getting soft (we rode that section at about 2:30 p.m. so it had been “sunned upon” for a while. Still, we didn’t groove the trail and floated right over it! The scenery was gorgeous. Those bridges were true skinnies, though — it’s hard to tell where the edges are and it took a lot of concentration not to dump off the edge.


We finished today (Monday) by heading down the Cliffside to the stairs and carried the bikes down. I contemplated riding down (it might have been easier), but I only have so much insurance coverage for teeth. And I need mine. LOL


The freezing temps at night made these rides 10-star excursions — hey, we went three consecutive days for at least 2 1/2 hours each day. Jackson had a blast (as you can see from the smile). The trails are mostly snowshoe packed and great. Some people have been walking on them with just boots, but that was OK for the most part. There were only a couple of sections where we needed to really concentrate through the footprints.

You will NOT be disappointed. It was sooooo nice to get back on singletrack.  Bike_March9_MonoCliffs_RoseSumacs  Bike_March8_MonoCliffs_JacksonSmile


Update:  I ran a bunch of the trails today (March 16th) and due to warmer temps they were a bit soft.  I can see how Janet and Rose would of had a great ride as the base is really quite firm.  When temps drop back down it should be quite good again, keep everyone posted!

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