Lost Dog in Dufferin/Simcoe Forest

July 26th, 2015 by in Everything


Lost Dog in Dufferin/Simcoe Forest area


Hey all, Janet has come across this note for a family that has lost their dog.  Here’s the info….

Thanks Janet!


A local family is desperate to find their beloved dog and the last known sighting was near Mansfield. He is a big (140lb) white working dog named Nanuk — you may have seen posters in local spots and coverage in the Orangeville Banner. The family believes he may be somewhere in the Dufferin/Simcoe Forest, but they describe it as “super dense” and hard to navigate. We’re in there all the time, so please keep an eye for him. Here’s a link with his pic; he is friendly. http://www.orangeville.com/news-story/5750326-community-rallies-in-search-for-former-orangeville-family-s-lost-dog/

This is their FB page; the family’s nine-year-old is heartbroken.


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