Logging/Trail marking Dufferin Forest

May 7th, 2015 by in Everything

Just a note to everyone venturing out to Dufferin Forest over the next little while.  A section of the “lollypop” and “the trail that goes nowhere” are going to be logged starting on Monday May 11th.  They are doing a selected cut of mainly oak trees in this area.  I was out tonight marking the trail with yellow caution tape throughout the area that will be logged.  Please do not remove the yellow tape as we have a meeting on monday with the forest manager and the logging company and they are going to be made aware of the trail network in the area they are logging.  This is being done in hopes of mitigating the damage done to the trail.  We will have trail clean up to do afterwards and this is the reason we have not yet posted a trail clean up day…we figure best to wait until the logging is over and do it all at once.  Keep an eye out for the posting of the trail clean up as the more hands the merrier!  I’ll keep updating as the logging progresses.

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