Kingston Trophy – Race Report

September 7th, 2016 by in Everything

Well the final race of Dan’s XC Marathon Series took place on the beautiful Sanger Farm grounds riding the awesome trails maintained by MTB Kingston.  Located north of Kingston, these trails have always been fun, with fast flowy, and rock technical sections, so makes it one of the best races of the season.


Racing this year was, Johnny, Craig, Brian, and Bernie from team van go all in the half marathon series.


The start time was 11:30 for the half marathon, 11am for the full marathon riders, and they could not be luckier.  The sun was shining, and the temperatures were a perfect 23 degrees C.  The race course started with the more flow singletrack by Collins Bay, before crossing the road, riding through the Soy Field, then the barn, before heading to the southern section of trails, which is where the rocks start.

During the day, Tyler had the gorilla costume on during both the little and the big kids races.  Why not have a gorilla out.  Next year, there is already a volunteer for the costume, Dave who owns the house adjacent to the Sanger Farm.  Such a nice guy, and a perfect spot to have a house that close to trails!



Coming through the first area, Brian came into the aid station with a flat rear tire, so with that fixed away he went.  That is one note for sure, this race is prone to giving flat tires.

Within minutes of Brian’s flat, Bernie also flatted a tire, and at the 10km to go section, Johnny flatted.



The guys at MTB Kingston have put a lot of time and effort into their trails, and they should be applauded, talking with Sean who is part of MTB Kingston, there are almost 1000 members, which is a staggering amount.


The race course itself covered approx 37km, so a good loop, with folks finishing in the 2hr mark.  The course itself doesn’t have a lot of climbing, but there is a lot of technical terrain to keep you on your toes.


At the end of the day, everyone finished, which is a positive!

In the fat bike category, Brian placed 3rd again, for another podium finish behind preverbial winner Sean Thibeau.  Sean is a strong fun rider, out of the Waterloo area, he’ll be at the sausage suit so watch out!

During the race, Brian had a spill, which broke his finger, as well some tendon damage. He finished the race like that folks!!! 15-20km with a broken finger, if that is not dedication to finish a race for a beer I don’t know what is!



Race Results:


The overall standings, Tyler took the #1 spot in the Half Marathon 20-34 category, and for the effort a giant cookie!  What else could you ask for really!


After another great season of racing Dan’s races, I must thank Dan, the volunteers, and everyone that helps out, the folks that host the event, the people maintaining trails etc.  Without those people, none of this could happen for us.  Next time you are in a race, and you pass someone at an aid station, yell and scream and ring a bell, and thank them for their time to support and help.


With that said, one more race to come, the Sausage Suit ITT, which is October 15th, so once the registration opens we will let everyone know.







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