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August 24th, 2015 by in Links
Guest Post from Anne!
Meet our new friend Daiki.  Daiki is from Japan and since July 1st has been cycling across Canada.  Yesterday he started in Lion’s Head and rode 171km to our house in Orangeville.  Why our house you ask?  Because we signed up to be hosts for touring cycling on the website   Warmshowers is a free, worldwide hospitality exchange; hosts sign up and offer to provide cyclists with a spot to camp and access to washroom facilities (hence the name). 
Daiki spent the evening at our house telling stories of his life and travels and this morning he loaded up his bike and headed south: Niagara Falls bound! 
Live in Ontario? Now is a great time to register as a host as many cross-country cyclists are hitting the area now.
Don’t live in Ontario?  Now is a great time to register as a host as there are always cyclists worldwide seeking accommodation!
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