Hop City: Polly want a Pilsner

June 13th, 2016 by in Beer Reviews

Well it has been way too long since there was a beer review, and what better time than a Monday!  I guess it is sunny outside too, so that is a positive as well.




Anyways, this is a relatively new beer from Hop City, called Polly want a Pilsner.  So based on the name of the beer, yes you are correct, this is a pilsner.




Based on the statistics of the beer, it is relatively tame, with a 5.0% ABV, and a 30 IBU rating.  So right off the hop (see what I did there, Hop, Hop City) this is a refreshing beer and quite tastey at that.


Polly want a Pilsner is a traditional German/Czech style pilsner, brewed by Hop City based out of Brampton Ontario.   I drank the beer straight from the can, so as for appearance, the can is green….. as you can tell from the photo….

It was a warm day when I had this beer, sun was shining, and the beer was nice and cold.  The first mouthful well to be honest, I didn’t taste, it was more of a refreshing gulp… After that when I started to taste the beer, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was like I said a refreshing beer, there was no bad aftertaste, it was not hoppy, just like a normal pilsner, but more flavorful.  It is kinda hard to explain, but I would recommend you grab a can of this for sure.


For the overall experience with Polly want a Pilsner, it was good!  It hit the spot, and honestly may be one of the newcomers for beer this summer to grab for a post ride pint.


Rating:  4.13 out of 5



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