Homage to Ice Recap

April 19th, 2016 by in Everything

This past weekend was the Homage to Ice in Dufferin Forest put on by Substance Projects (Dan Marshall).

First off before we go anywhere, we need to thank all of the volunteers that came out and helped for the day!  Special thanks to Janet for some of the photos below as well.


Thanks to Karen and Emily for supporting the race as well.













As you can see from the above we had a good TVG turnout for the day.  Tyler, Chris, Johnny, Craig, Bernie and Brian all competed in the Half Marathon Course.  The course was 2 x 17km laps of Dufferin Forest Singletrack, and it was worth every second out there.  All the trails were in amazing shape, thanks to Dan and others that helped out cleaning.

There was a great turnout for the event as well with over 180 riders competing in either the Half or Full Marathon course.

We had amazing weather, with +20 Deg C and sun for the entire day.  A little burnt when all said and done, but still was just an amazing day in the forest.




Results are above.


If you have never done one of Dan’s races, they are a lot of fun, and worth the time to try it.




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