Fat Tire Trail Report

January 21st, 2016 by in Everything

Last night was a smaller group out for the ride, Tyler, Craig and Bernie.

What a shame as we had some awesome chili post ride too, but I will get to that.


The ride started off great, a nice temperature of -4C, a little crisp in the air, the moon was shining down on us in the parking lot, there was even a slight falling of snow, nothing to cover the cars in, but more to make the night even nicer.


We headed out following the same trail that was done on the weekend, which for us worked out perfectly.  As there has really been only a dusting fall at Dufferin forest over the past week, we could easily see the trail we were following, and it was hard packed so you could ride along at a nice speed.  The positive to following this loop is that we were able to avoid riding on the snowmobile trail, which has yet to be groomed, and stay in the forest.  This trail encounters nice climbs, fun downhills, and all and all a good tour measuring around the 9km range.


The below shows you the loop that we ended up riding.

Once we arrived back at the parking lot, Craig broke out the crock pot, which was full of chili, a loaf of bread, some cups and utensils and we devoured the food that was infront of us.  It had a nice spice to it, and was the perfect ending to the ride for sure.




Fat Tire Trail Rating: 4.19 out of 5



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