Fat Tire Trail Report

April 9th, 2015 by in Everything

Last night we kept the tradition alive, and started a new tradition!!!  A full Single-track ride!!!! No fire road, no nothing, all single-track all the time.   We had Tyler, Dan, Johnny and Adam out on fat bikes, yes Dan was riding a fat bike in preparation for the Homage to Ice.


Honestly, there was only 1 section of trail, maybe 20m in length that would have been tough on a skinny bike, other than that, we rode just shy of 15km of single-track.


Dan (Substance Projects) has created a new connector trail, so we rode it out and back to help pack it down in preparation for the Homage.  The trail is really nice, and kudos to Dan for leaving some of the logs on the trail to hop over.  To get to this trail, you have to ride half of the lollipop to the split trail where it runs up to the snow fence.  While on that trail about 30m down you will see the new trail off to your right.  This trail connects you all the way to the ridge trail, so cuts that whole section of double track out.  Hopefully allowing folks to ride more of the ridge trail.




All in all the conditions at Dufferin are really good, and if we get a few days of Sun, the trails should dry up nicely.  There are still some water sections here and there, and you will sink a little bit, but all in all great times!


If this isn’t a kick in the arse to get motivated onto your bike, I’m not sure what will be.  Give it another week, and it will be single-track goodness for sure.


Ride Rating:  4.91 out of 5



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