Fat Tire Trail Report

February 12th, 2015 by in Everything

Last night, Tyler, Johnny, Adam and Chris headed out to Dufferin forest for another Wednesday night ride.  We kept the tradition alive, with another amazing ride.  Temperatures were a comfortable -3C, and the snowmobile trails was in great shape for the most part.


For the most part is the operative word for sure.  There were a lot of great sections, and you could get your speed up, and stay ontop of the snow.  Then there was the other sections……


The front tire would dip into the snow pulling you left or right.  Johnny had the best off of the night pulling himself into the snowbank on the side burying him and the bike in the snow.


We were passed by a few sleds, but all were very friendly slowing down and waved as they went by.


All in all the night was great, finished with 17.5km ride in about 1.25 hours of riding time.  Pretty much a normal Wednesday night ride.


Fat Tire Rating:  4.25 out of 5

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