Fat Tire Trail Report

January 12th, 2015 by in Everything

This past weekend we had great conditions for a ride, hike or ski.

Tyler, Emily, Chris, Illona, Johnny, Lori and Lisa all headed out on bikes, with Ralph and Wendy on Skis, and Mark, Karin, Jonathon, Craig, Callum and Taylor on snowshoes.  We had a late arrival of Dan on a skinny bike.


I really can only comment on the fat biking conditions, and they were great!  The snowmobile trail was recently groomed, which gave us a great base to ride on.  Not a tonnes of sled traffic in the forest either, so sticking to the sides of the trail made life a lot easier for sure!




A ride like today makes you remember how much fun and how much work it is to push the bike through the snow! But what a great way to spend time in the forest and enjoy nature, and get a work out!



All in all we all had a great time out in the forest.  If Wednesday is half as good as today it will be a great run for sure!!!


Fat Tire Rating:  4.7 out of 5




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