Fat Tire Trail Report

January 2nd, 2015 by in Everything

On New Years Day, January 1st if you want more clarification, a few of us headed out for a fun fat tire ride in Dufferin Forest.  The weather was perfect, and the trails were in great shape.  The main lollipop loop was iced over, and there were a lot of ruts from other riders out in the forest when it was warm, but Ken’s Steves and the new connector trail were perfect!




Tyler, Johnny, Emily, Karen, Dan, Derek, Chris, Rose and Janet were out on the bikes, with Jonathon, Craig and Leslie out for a hike.  Max, Jackson and Sophie were our 4 legged friends.


It was quite breezy, and a little cool, with temperatures ranging in the -4c mark, but all in all a great day.  For the most part, the trails could be managed by someone on a skinny tire bike, but studded tires would be recommended.




We did encounter a hunter in the forest firing off his gun every once and a while, but other than that the ride was uneventful.  The new connector trail was in great shape, and it’s nice to see other people are using the trail.  Next year it should be worn in beautifully.


All in all another great day, and a perfect way to start the new year!


Fat Tire Rating:  4.5 out of 5


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