Fat Tire Trail Report

December 22nd, 2014 by in Everything

This past weekend we had a great ride at Dufferin Forest.  Tyler, Karen, Jenny, Bernie, Johnny, Lori and Lisa all came out to do a sweet sweet singletrack ride on Sunday.




The snowshoe trail was ideal for riding.  It was packed down nicely, and proved to give us more than enough traction to ride anything that a snowshoer walked on.




We rode the new/old trail, with some really great new logs to ride over!!!!! The new/old trail was a bit of work to ride on, but it was rideable.  We then hopped back onto the normal snowshoe trail, and rode it back to the sled trail.


All in all the trails could have been ridden by a skinny tired bike as it was hard enough packed.  Not sure what is going to happen in the coming days with the warming trend in temperatures.




Fat Tire Rating:  4.5 out of 5

Skinny Tire Rating:  0 out of 5 (No Riders)

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