Fat Tire Trail Report

December 18th, 2014 by in Everything

Yes Yes, it is that time of the year, when we start to post up pictures, and ride reviews, and the always famous, comment of the ride.


Last night (Wednesday December 17th) Mark, Tyler, Johnny, Dan, Mike and Max headed up to Dufferin forest for a jaunt.  The first hurdle was getting into the parking lot, which seemed easy.  Getting out was going to be a challenge as well, but we all made it….


The initial thought was to bike, makes sense doesnt it.  On the weekend we packed down a really nice trail, so all in theory was good to go.  Theory and reality are 2 different beasts.  The trails were just too soft to get traction and ride them.  Hence Plan B…. Snowshoe / Hike / XC Ski.   Tyler Johnny and Mike Snowshoed, Mark Hiked, and Dan XC Skied.




We went out and stomped down the new trail / ressurection of an old trail just south of the pine forest.  Yeah I know, nice and specific eh, easier to head out and see it then describe it.  The trail is really nice, not many climbs, but some really nice scenery, and a Massive Oak Tree!!!




After that tour, Dan headed back to the cars to grab some beer for a forest pint, and met back up with us. Thanks again Dan, you’re awesome!!!




All in all we had a great night, unfortunate about the non-biking, but still great to be out in the forest.  Soon the days will be getting longer!!!!




Comment of the Ride:  “Kinda feels like Jello” Mark


Ride Rating:  0 out of 5 (Can’t really give it a score if we couldn’t do it)


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