Fall 8hr Race Recap

September 27th, 2016 by in Everything

Well, this past Saturday was the Fall 8hr at Hardwood Hills.  Team van go had 2 entries in the event.


Team Van Go – Chris, Tyler, Taylor, Craig

tbd – Chris B, Don, Jonathon, Breanna


The course like always was a 10km Loop of a mix of Single and Double Track.  This year’s course was one of the better ones for sure, with some extremely fun singletrack, and some super fast double track.

We had an absolutely perfect day for the race, with sunny skies and 17 degrees C temperatures.




There were some issues over the course of the day, which to be honest hasn’t really happened too much.




Taylor had a hard crash on some double track, Tyler hit a tree losing the chip and some damage to the bike pack, Chris B flatted 4 times over the day.




There were a few other mishaps but nothing too crazy.



Thanks to Don for hooking us up on a great spot to set up shop, in the trees out of the sun, and really close to the start/finish area.


Photos are:


Team Van Go:  Plate # 344

TBD:  Plate # 353


Results are:



Team Van Go finished 9th out of 29 teams with 14 laps

TBD finished 24th out of 27 teams with 12 laps.


All in all we had an absolutely great day, and will be back again next year for sure.





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