Epic 8hr – Recap

May 11th, 2016 by in Everything

This past Saturday was the Spring Epic 8hr held at Mansfield Outdoor centre.


Before we dig into the whole details of the day, we did have one downed rider, Chris Belanger riding with Don and Team Van Go 2 Go crashed on his final lap breaking his clavical.  At this post he was going to see the surgeon, but no further details.  Keep Chris in your thoughts, and hope for a speedy recovery!  You’re Awesome.


The day itself was perfect in terms of weather and trail conditions.  There was a great turnout for the event, as well Team Van Go had a great showing again.  There were several teams out, Team Van Go (Tyler, Johnny, Craig, Keith), Team Van Go 2 Go (Don, Chris, Joe, Craig), Van Go Probies (Cody, Andrew, Greg, William) and Team Van Go Girls (Karen, Jenny, Michelle, Lori, Lisa, Natalie).  We also had a tonnes of support folks, Rachel, Emily, Ralph, Wendy, Dan all made an appearance over the day.


The day ran for 8hrs, hence the name of the race, and was a lot of fun.  The course itself was one of the better ones to race, still a little more double track than we would prefer, but Mansfield Outdoor Centre is just a lot of fun to ride.  The finish again was down a tight set of switchbacks running right to the finish line.  This was a great place for spectators to come out and watch people go over their bars.  yes they were that tight.


Below are some photos from Ralph and Wendy.








As always, Apex Race Photography was out on course taking some great shots.

Below are links to each teams photos.

Team Van Go



Team Van Go 2 Go



Van Go Probies



Team Van Go Girls



Below is the Results Link as well.




All in all it was a great day with great friends.  We received a lot of compliments, and a lot of notice finishing the race with a beer in hand.




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