Dufferin Trail Report

November 24th, 2016 by in Everything

Well, with the snow that has fallen, we begin the trail reports for anyone on the fence about riding on a Wednesday or weekend ride.


This past Wednesday, we had snow, and snow falling during the ride.  The forest floor had a nice blanket of snow on it, which you would think would make it treacherous, but on the contrary, there was a lot of traction, better than the wet leaves from the week prior.


Ideally, putting a better knob or traction tire on the bike, or a fat bike would be the ideal choice.  Just ask Andy or Ross, with a combined impact angle of 7!  No one was serious hurt.


There are some logging happening still near Ken’s Trail, so your best bet currently is to ride the stick, lollipop and work out from there.


Photo stolen from Colin



All in all, last nights ride was probably the best conditions for a winter ride!


Climbing hills, easier gear, sit over the tire to keep traction and just chug away.


Skinny Tire Trail Rating:  4.79 out of 5

Fat Tire Trail Rating:  4.99 out of 5 (need to leave some wiggle room)


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